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Poem of a Scrap of Paper 1

Poem of a Scrap of Paper 1

By Emha Ainun Nadjib

A novelist, in Europe
paid a political group
in an African country
to stage a coup d’état.
The novelist carefully noted
every aspect of the process of replacing those in power
and wrote about it in a famous novel
which was marketed and produced
more than the cost of the coup.
And you, sipping on your coffee
in some little food stall
after witnessing a fight between
pedicab drivers and minivan drivers
say bluntly:
Ah, why isn’t the novelist interested
in countries in Asia!
Then you laugh to yourself, and grumble
Why have we come to the point
where a nightmare about blood
has become the only dream
that feels beautiful?

Yogya, 13 March 1982


Film: “Bumi Manusia” By Falcon Pictures

New Film “Bumi Manusia” By Falcon Pictures

Blora – Soesilo Toer, brother of Bumi Manusia’s author Pramoedya Ananta Toer, shared his advice on the adaptation of Bumi Manusia to film with director Hanung Bramantyo.

Soesilo Toer wanted to remind the production team to really grasp the meaning of his brother’s work well. He said, “Bumi Manusia had a huge impact in relation to nationalism.”

“When you read the book, it’s not just a matter of the novel Bumi Manusia only, because it’s tied to our nation’s dignity, below the surface,” explained Soesilo Toer when news site Detik.com visited him at home.

Soesilo didn’t deny that for the majority of people who have only scratched the surface of the legendary novel ‘Bumi Manusia’, they’re going to praise the adaptation. But for those who have read the book and understood its deeper significance, they’re most probably going to be against its adaptation into a movie. (Read more from Falcon Pictures here.)

Falcon Pictures https://falcon.co.id/

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Obit: Vale Arswendo Atmowiloto Write and Journalist

Comedian Indro: Arswendo Atmowiloto’s Thinking Influenced the Journey of Comedy Group Warkop DKI

JAKARTA, (PR).- After paying his respects at the home of the late Paulus Arswendo Atmowiloto in Jakarta on the morning of Saturday 20 July 2019, comedian Indro Warkop said that the senior journalist and writer was a humorist and lived the values he believed in consistently.

“There was a message in his jokes, there were things that he really wants to convey implicitly. Bro Wendo was a consistent figure, he was a great artist,” said Indro, as reported by the official government wire service Antara.

Even though the two didn’t always each other all the time, Indro still remembers Arswendo’s concern for the “Warkop DKI” comedy group.

“In the past he would often provide us with information, and asked Warkop to take shots at “Uncle” (meaning the leader of the New Order government),” said Indro, adding that the two of them would always talk in the Javanese language.

For Indro, Arswendo was a figure whose thinking at the time frequently influenced Warkop’s journey.

“We grew up together at that time, and we were used to like contributing to each other,” said Indro, who arrived to pay his respects wearing a hat bearing the words #beatkanker.
Indro Warkop was one of the arts workers who arrived quite late at the family home at Damai Street, Kompas Complex, South Petukangan, Pesanggrahan Jakarta. He arrived at around 12.30 local time and went straight in to the home to pay his last respects to the late Arswendo, and to meet his family.

Paulus Arswendo Atmowiloto, a writer, senior journalist, and author of the television series “The Cemara Family”, died at the age of 70 at his home on Friday around 17.38 local time.

Arswendo’s body will later be moved to Saint Matthew’s Church, Bintaro, for a requiem mass on Saturday at 10.00 local time. Following this, Arswendo’s body will be laid to rest at the San Diego Hills cemetery in Karawang. ***

Siska Nirmala, Satureday, 20 Jul 2019, “Pikiran Rakyat” daily newspaper

Also look at the short story Mrs Geni in December (Bu Geni di Bulan Desember) by Arswendo Atmowiloto published in the national daily newspaper Kompas on 20 May 2012

Kill Your Darlings Magazine: Indonesia Showcase

This week, Kill Your Darlings, in partnership with Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, is proud to present our second showcase of new writing from Indonesia. Our first Indonesia Showcase, back in 2017, gave us just the briefest glimpse into the brilliant fiction, memoir and essays being produced by our northern neighbours. From over 50 submissions from across Indonesia and the world, I am delighted to once again dip back in to this immense pool of literary talent and share these stories with you. (Find out more by clicking here.)

Norman Erikson Pasaribu – On literature and diversity – “Talking Indonesia” podcast on SoundCloud

New from the Talking Indonesia podcast

This year Indonesia was a featured country at the London Book Fair, which followed a similar showcasing of its literature at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015. Is this a reflection of an expanding and globalising literary scene in Indonesia? Are more diverse voices being heard inside and outside the country, and what are the challenges for making sure that the stories are not lost in translation? Listen at the Talking Indonesia podcast from the University of Melbourne.