Christmas Poem By Sapardi Djoko Damono

Christmas Poem By Sapardi Djoko Damono

Christmas Poem

By Sapardi Djoko Damono


I sought for you in the rain tonight
to say to you greetings. You who were born once.
born again, and always shall be born and reborn.
Oh, have mercy on this your servant.
­————————-tens of thousands of babies
have been born since your first birth,
as though the world were provided solely for their cries.
They are the small Christs whose times have crucified them:
slavery, misery, destitution
and war.
——–Also like you, they too shall not perish,
but be born and born again, shall always be reborn.
And I bow down. In awe: some still continue to
————————————survive here
against the upheavals, which again and again are reborn
in the conscience of every human being:
———————-december flowers that bloom
under the sound of the rain in the middle of the night.
Christ, behold the children in their beautiful clothes
making vows and uttering prayers in church;
they have sought you, and wished to befriend you,
to invite you to sing holy songs.
——————-A shame they do not know
you are busy playing with the sheep
in the stable.

Greetings, Christ. Greetings, whole world,
greetings to you
greetings to me.
Oh, have mercy on this your servant,
——bless this your servant.
——Forgive this your servant.


Retrieved from @PotretLawas. Published in Sastra Bulanan Tjerita Pendak magazine No. 11-12, 1968