Journal Article: Silsilah Raja-Raja Brunei

Silsilah Raja-Raja Brunei: The Manuscript of Pengiran Kesuma Muhammad Hasyim

By ANNABEL TEH GALLOP, Head of the Southeast Asia section, The British Library

Published in Archipel, 2019, 97: 173-212.


Sir Hugh Low (1824-1905) lived in Borneo for over thirty years. He first
arrived in Sarawak in 1843 or 1844, and spent the next two years travelling and collecting botanical specimens. Low was a great admirer and supporter of James Brooke’s rule in Sarawak, and when Brooke was made Governor of the newly-established British colony of Labuan, Low was appointed Secretary to the government, taking up his post in early 1848. He remained in colonial service in Labuan until 1877, when he moved to the Malay peninsula as the fourth British Resident of Perak, a post he held until retirement in 1889. He died in Italy in 1905….

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