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Poem: Friend By Murya Artha


By Murya Artha


I have handed out enough gunpowder and saltpetre
it was a mortal combat, and we even came through it:

Only today you and I write a new chapter, a chapter of victory
equal to our country’s wealth, as high as flying to the stars
and have soared to the seventh heaven
another level and the unity of every national action will be clear
one above even the teaching of the goal of sovereignty


Banjarmasin, ’50.



Source: Siasat Magazine, Number 171 Year IV, 18 June 1950.

Murya Artha was born in Parincahan Village, Kandangan, Hulu Sungai Selatan District, South Kalimantan on 20 August 1920 as M. Husrien. He used pseudonyms including Bujang Far, Emhart, HR Bandahara, M. Ch. Artum, M. Chayrin Artha, and Artha Artha. He passed away at Banjarmasin October 28, 2002.

Source: Kumpulan Fiksi Blog, (Siasat, 1950) Puisi Murya Artha: Kawan

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