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Poem: Heaven By Chairil Anwar


By Chairil Anwar, 1947


Just as my mother and my grandmother too
And as seven generations before
I too ask to be allowed into heaven
which say Masyumi and Muhammadiyah flows with rivers of milk
and is full of beautiful maidens
But there’s a voice inside me weighing this up,
which dares to scoff: Can heaven really be
barren of the waters of the blue oceans,
of the soft touch of every harbor how come?
And also who can say for sure
there definitely awaits beautiful maidens
sounds like they have trouble swallowing like Nina, have Jati’s wry glance?

Malang, 28/2-’47



Masyumi was a post-World War II Islamic political party.

Muhammadiyah, founded in 1912, continues to be a major Islamic non-government organization.

Photo: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205208464


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