Buffalo Herder

By Muhammad Yamin, 1921

Who would not be deeply moved
To see a small child singing
Alone in the middle of a field
No shirt, nothing on his head.

Thus is the fate of the buffalo herder
Shading under, a wooden shelter;
After leaving the stable at dawn
Only heading for home at sunset.

Not far away, softly audible
I can make out the sound of the Minang oboe
Conjuring nature, beautiful and melodious.

Oh herder, in an ocean of green
When it hears your oboe, your buffalo will follow
How I long to follow you too.

Song of joy.......... by dewan irawan on 500px.com

Song of Joy By Dewan Irawan

Buffalo Herder (Gembala) was first published in Indonesian in the Dutch-language journal Jong Sumatra : organ van den Jong Sumatranen Bond, Batavia April-May, 1921. It was republished in Pane, Armijn (ed), Sandjak-Sandjak Muda Mr. Muhammad Yamin [The Young Poems of Mr. Muhammad Yamin] Firma Rada, Djakarta 1954, p. 10 and again in Jassin, H. B., Pujangga baru : prosa dan puisi/dikumpulkan dengan disertai kata pengantar oleh H.B. Jassin [Pujangga Baru : prose and poetry/collected and accompanied by an introduction by H.B. Jassin] Haji Masagung, Jakarta, 1987, p. 323.


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